Om Ganeshaya Namah!

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Being a Hindu, one is born with and bred with the ritual of starting anything by saying “Om Ganeshaya Namah!”. To seek his blessings, to seek his goodness, to seek his courage, and above all, to seek his love. So, today, Ganesh Chaturthi seems like the most appropriate occassion to begin this aaahhh… journey.

I am not really a religious person like that, and that can be vouched by every living relative of mine. The fact that I haven’t visited any Ganpati mandal yet, and accepted but declined every invitation to visit Ganpati’s at friends’ homes too, does make me an honest person. (Cuz, I said, I’m not religious… Duh-uh!)

‘What The Mind Licks’ is my first headstrong attempt (in my head) to establish and string together a platform of superior intelligence and emotions – mine and others. What The Mind Licks is to unzip and unleash the demons in my head and set them out on you! These demons make me who I am today, and the evolution continues… and I strongly feel the need to ‘spread the cheer’!  *thumbs up*

So, a writer, a reader, a believer, a creator, a destroyer, a sustainer, the mind has a WORLD in itself. I respect none other than the deepest manifestation of the honest soul.

This is what my mind licks! How about yours? 🙂


About MindLicker

I am a Mind Licker, and I write What The Mind Licks. Loud in decibels. Lost in deciphers. Love, laughter, life are my turn-ons. And I talk about sex way too openly for my conservative up-bringing. If you'd like to read what I write/ see What My Mind Licks, pls do visit: Do let me know what you think. I might lick... I mean like that too. Happy Reading! :)

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