Less > Enough

Less is more than enough

Role-Play for Self
Courtesy: Peter Marinacci/ Wombania

Coming from a compulsive hoarder like me, this seems out of ordinary, out of line, and wayyy out of the zone of all things believable; yet I say LESS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

As I ransacked my cabinets and drawers in a bid to turn them around, I found my unused, unabused, packed, unattacked stack of goods which didn’t live the life they were set out to.

I own 4 pairs of flat black boots and a pair of black Converse, and these are just black. I wear only 1 pair for months on end, and let the others rot. Awesome boots – down the drain. 😦 Less > Enough.

I took the whole cake for myself, when I only wanted a small portion. Unwanted calories, only make my fight against gravity even tougher.

So, #NoteToSelf, let go of that silly voice in your head. What you don’t have is probably also what you don’t need. The silly little voice will remain little,it will make you scream, cry, hound you like the devil inside. Those are withdrawal symptoms, child. No, put that second chocolate down. Yes, and return that pink pen.

Less is indeed more than enough.


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