I wanna give to life…

Coffin and Wings

Courtesy: TattooSpotter

“I wanna give to life the man that I am…”

This is something I wrote in my dark days, the dark ways coming through. Hurt, cynical, and obviously, had lost faith in all-whole (temporarily, of course)… Read on, and I will reveal more. 🙂

“As I fly high with my arms wide open and shield the world under my wings, my docile self learns that his arms are being bent to his chest, a rose nestled in his grip; and being reduced to the very bone, the same world feeds on what remains of him!”

I had a distinct image of a man in his coffin, holding a rose, and that image kept hitting me back. This man was remorseful, remorseful of the good he did, he didn’t seek appreciation for it all, but he didn’t expect a throw-down from his beneficiaries.

Now when I look back at that time, I don’t feel so strongly regretful. I feel ‘that-too-had-to-pass’ kind of a feeling. It made me stronger. But, that moment was just this. This guilt of the right. And one day, I wish to sketch the exact image I saw. That man, faceless, yet with eyes that hurt and cried. His body that lay still, yet the grip was so tight, as if it was holding back it’s emotions.

And as I share, I will smile. And I will emerge victorious, as I get over it. The victory over defeat. Forgive and Forget. Move On. Will you? 🙂


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  1. Aah! It makes sense now.

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