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“While I lay in…

“While I lay in the asylum, you quietly watch through the keyhole.

I can see you, I can feel you, yet I can’t touch you.

Wanna come closer? I wanna take a bite off you.”





I close my eyes, hold myself tight, I can smell you crawling to my bone, 

But you don’t scare me.

Your masquerade as my loved one.

Oh, “grim reaper”! – A fallacy, I fall for none…



Made me stronger, your need to pretend, it drives my hunger.

To vanquish you bit-by-bit… to punish you tat-for-tit…

You may scheme, to make me look rabid,

I laugh at your sterility.

Oh Mighty One. NOT.





Love, in my world

Inter-wound selves, you and me.

Interwoven moments, created WE.

Interpersonal lives encroached space,

heard ‘slow and steady wins the race’,

but interjections arose at every pace.


Intermittently, caught a pleasing smile, 

interspersed among the many whines.

Intermission at first, the end at last.

“Don’t wait for me,” she said.


Internally I cried and waited a while

And then I walked to the tenth mile and faded away.


Towards myself, towards life, I move today!  

I crawl up and fall down today!

I stumble, fumble, and see a hazy day ahead;

To find my soul, to play a role, to find a shadow, I move through door-to-door. 

I see a hazy day ahead.


I might grumble but I won’t crumble;

‘coz to live I breathe; to smile I feel; to laugh I believe,

that I will survive through the hazy day ahead!






This one has been dug from the archives. First piece I ever wrote which I kind-of liked. Have moved a long way, but it’s a good memory of writing. 🙂

Hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!


Nurtured with care, and all the love I could ever find,

But the womb became a barrier for my thoughts to get through.
I tried hard to come out and find myself, with myself, around myself.
I cried, i brawled, i kicked, i howled.
With that the womb moved too, but not as much as I wanted it to.
It was over-gestation!

The decision was made to finally let go! I was ecstatic!
I would be at peace. I would be with myself.
I would crawl, walk and run; live moments in lands not yet discovered.
At dawn, I started fighting to see the world and move into far-away stretches of snow!
I saw it, tried to touch it, tried to reach a momentum of a meteor.
Failing, I realized the bastards left the umbilical cord uncut!

A Visit to Melbourne. Almost.

You often feel complete when you have felt physically exhausted and mentally inspired, all in a day’s work – a feeling of ‘glee’ in the head as you look forward to a better tomorrow and savor each of what you had today. Content for the day; you know what I mean?


Similar feeling happened a week ago… D.J. (my bestie ❤ ) invited me to an Atul Kasbekar’s photography exhibition from his shoot in Melbourne, Australia. For my newly ventured blogging space, this seemed like quite an opportunity, but I was in for a total upheaval of expectations. In a good way, of course. *GOOOOD, and how!*

What I expected was:



Kingfisher Calendar 2013

Kingfisher Calendar 2013 – Credit: Atul Kasbekar

Kingfisher Calendar 2013

Kingfisher Calendar 2013

Hmmm… Fashion photography… Semi-nude models set as accessories to only accentuate the pristine beauty of the ambiances around them. Purrrfect!

What I got was even more pleasing to my sensibilities (read: sensible buds):


St. Kilda's, Melbourne

St. Kilda’s, Melbourne

Melbourne, titled the ‘Most Livable City’, twice in a row, known to serve all four seasons in a single day, summed up an entire world for me. Rearing to live like a vagabond, I felt a thud in my heart, not a just a beat. I slowly started getting consumed by each of the pictures, “frozen memories”, and imagined myself there, creating my story.

Capturing some of the photographs of the event here:

Digital Transformation: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Digital Transformation: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Digital Transformation: MCG

Digital Transformation: MCG

Dormaine Chandon Winery, Yarra Valley

Dormaine Chandon Winery, Yarra Valley

The golden glow, is it?

The golden glow, is it?

The tools of a goldsmith

The tools of a goldsmith

The Web-Bridge, Melbourne

The Web-Bridge, Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula

(And whole many more, which can’t be published yet, for reasons so unfortunate… so unfortunate that I don’t have a calling device anymore. :/ But, as soon as my Nexus is back, with all the pictures, hopefully, we will add more. Pls do be patient in this time of crisis. )

It almost seems like a visit to Melbourne. Almost.

Almost saying:


Give Way. For Melbourne

Give Way. For Melbourne

Atul Kasbekar said (more or less), “We are all empowered with tools of capturing moments and freezing them into memories. The only thing that separates us is THAT 1/20th or 1/50th of the second; THAT frame when I choose to hit the shutter button, which is different than yours. These are MY Melbourne Moments, go on and create yours.”

Drained from the long commute and fueled by a desire to turn the “wanderlust” inked on my ankle into reality, Melbourne, Victoria gets added to my bucket list.  :p

Until next time, let’s see if you have created some of your moments or not.

Swag, Spirit, and Love

(Before I begin this post, I know I have been random with my posting, and I know you are not expecting my blog post right now, or I’m not around when you ARE expecting it; but this adds for a little human-touch, surprising and unpredictable. Also, because I haven’t fixed on a schedule yet! :p But, once my slow self gets the hang of things…)


women, style, poise, swag, sexy

Courtesy: Ayn Rand Institute

Women – the poise, the swag, the breasts, the ass –> a specimen, a creation; of pure ecstasy, for ecstasy, by ecstasy! And then the city folklore – women aware of their sexuality and also of the whole lot of prying eyes which regard her as a sex object. 

“Hey, How YOU Doing?” is said, and “How I know she will be hot and wild in bed!” is thought.

Damn right, the woman is aware. Her cognition took that comment and placed it in the “Whateverrrrr! 🙂 *blushes*” band of her head, also dependent on how hot the guy is. 🙂

Sexual needs now are shared by the fairer and darker sex equally (No, I’m not a sexist. I love the dusky women myself. Too HAWWWTTT! But this phrase sometimes adds enough literary space for damage and repair both.) Sexuality is out in the open.

No taboo. No hush-hush. It’s okay because it is natural. 

Spirits for the soul – They allow for a hearty laugh with good friends. They have become conversation creators, stirrers, and create mockery-of-self-ers, all in good spirit. Yes!

But as women grew more conscious and yet more comfortable, most men were left bewildered and stumped. This also usurped an urge to lay a seemingly powerful woman and make her squeal and scream.  They somehow see it as a “RED LIGHT” alert! 

In steps, the same moves follow- almost like a rule book –

  • Stroke hair
  • Hold Hand
  • Stroke Hand
  • Stroke ear under the pretext of hair
  • And then a grab of the head for the forceful kiss

(of course, the woman is going to kiss every prick back, because thou are God! 😐 )

But in spite of her outspoken sexuality, women are still women, they still hope that each such extension or show of “affection” actually means more. The woman looks for more. (In most cases; and I’m not saying that it is wrong to go for steamy hot sex either. It’s just honest mutual understanding of what you’re signing up for!) 

What does a woman do? Stop? Kiss him back? Or change her own way of life? It depends on how you feel for the bloke. But definitely not to change your way. Don’t change your demeanor for a misdemeanor. Don’t let an @$$#0|^ with a D|@< for a head make you feel like the slutty one. 

You Are Sexy and You Know It. But He Will NOT Jack Off To It.



I will just let you read this by yourself. And feel what you feel. Form your opinion. Your own judgement. Feel your own emotion. Not mine. But, feel it, feel alive or feel dead, however but feel it.

How many of these have you struck out?

Venture on my mind

A new blog is on my mind.


Yes, this one remains. 🙂 But a new blog is on my mind. A fashion blog. Any ideas? ANything you’d specifically like to see differently done?