I will just let you read this by yourself. And feel what you feel. Form your opinion. Your own judgement. Feel your own emotion. Not mine. But, feel it, feel alive or feel dead, however but feel it.

Thought Catalog

There are words that we say or hear in life; and once we say them, everything changes.

“I’m pregnant.”

“Will you marry me?”

“You got the job!”

“He didn’t make it…”

“I don’t love you.”

If we’re lucky, we only hear the good ones. The ones that change our lives for the better. But for most of us, it’s the tragic phrases that stay with us forever.

I’ve heard my fair share.

“We’re getting divorced.”

“I’m moving to Chicago.”

“I wish you had never been born.”

But it’s the words that I’ve had to say that have been the hardest. These words are ones that I still trip over when I say them now, almost six years later. They’re words that make society as a whole take a step back and cringe.

They’re the words you never think you’ll say.

“I was raped.”

Even typing it feels wrong. Six years…

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