Swag, Spirit, and Love

(Before I begin this post, I know I have been random with my posting, and I know you are not expecting my blog post right now, or I’m not around when you ARE expecting it; but this adds for a little human-touch, surprising and unpredictable. Also, because I haven’t fixed on a schedule yet! :p But, once my slow self gets the hang of things…)


women, style, poise, swag, sexy

Courtesy: Ayn Rand Institute

Women – the poise, the swag, the breasts, the ass –> a specimen, a creation; of pure ecstasy, for ecstasy, by ecstasy! And then the city folklore – women aware of their sexuality and also of the whole lot of prying eyes which regard her as a sex object. 

“Hey, How YOU Doing?” is said, and “How I know she will be hot and wild in bed!” is thought.

Damn right, the woman is aware. Her cognition took that comment and placed it in the “Whateverrrrr! 🙂 *blushes*” band of her head, also dependent on how hot the guy is. 🙂

Sexual needs now are shared by the fairer and darker sex equally (No, I’m not a sexist. I love the dusky women myself. Too HAWWWTTT! But this phrase sometimes adds enough literary space for damage and repair both.) Sexuality is out in the open.

No taboo. No hush-hush. It’s okay because it is natural. 

Spirits for the soul – They allow for a hearty laugh with good friends. They have become conversation creators, stirrers, and create mockery-of-self-ers, all in good spirit. Yes!

But as women grew more conscious and yet more comfortable, most men were left bewildered and stumped. This also usurped an urge to lay a seemingly powerful woman and make her squeal and scream.  They somehow see it as a “RED LIGHT” alert! 

In steps, the same moves follow- almost like a rule book –

  • Stroke hair
  • Hold Hand
  • Stroke Hand
  • Stroke ear under the pretext of hair
  • And then a grab of the head for the forceful kiss

(of course, the woman is going to kiss every prick back, because thou are God! 😐 )

But in spite of her outspoken sexuality, women are still women, they still hope that each such extension or show of “affection” actually means more. The woman looks for more. (In most cases; and I’m not saying that it is wrong to go for steamy hot sex either. It’s just honest mutual understanding of what you’re signing up for!) 

What does a woman do? Stop? Kiss him back? Or change her own way of life? It depends on how you feel for the bloke. But definitely not to change your way. Don’t change your demeanor for a misdemeanor. Don’t let an @$$#0|^ with a D|@< for a head make you feel like the slutty one. 

You Are Sexy and You Know It. But He Will NOT Jack Off To It.




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  1. so, you are a lazy blogger, eh? but you do write amazing posts. this one is a kickass post as well, thought provoking and incisive. no one has the right to think women should change their way.

    if you see duplicate comment then delete one.

  2. Long ago I read a book by Milan Kundera called “The unbearable lightness of Being”.. where he explores that duality of sexual pleasure and love…the man believes both are mutually exclusive ..translation: he can sleep with many and yet love only one..the woman tries this and fails to enjoy the duality…I think we r still struggling with that problem…while more women today might be game for a good romp in bed after a nightcap, we r still more likely to hold on and hope that true love comes knocking.. nice one J.. 🙂

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