Love, in my world

Inter-wound selves, you and me.

Interwoven moments, created WE.

Interpersonal lives encroached space,

heard ‘slow and steady wins the race’,

but interjections arose at every pace.


Intermittently, caught a pleasing smile, 

interspersed among the many whines.

Intermission at first, the end at last.

“Don’t wait for me,” she said.


Internally I cried and waited a while

And then I walked to the tenth mile and faded away.


About MindLicker

I am a Mind Licker, and I write What The Mind Licks. Loud in decibels. Lost in deciphers. Love, laughter, life are my turn-ons. And I talk about sex way too openly for my conservative up-bringing. If you'd like to read what I write/ see What My Mind Licks, pls do visit: Do let me know what you think. I might lick... I mean like that too. Happy Reading! :)

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  1. respect!!! adoration!!! love!!!

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