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She drinks to forget the numbness she remembers in vain.



Together, Alone

Blurry eyes, for the long and short of it,
My vision fails me.
One, two, three… fail.
One, two, three… fail.
Repeated defeats and I catch his eye,
He, my ego, fat and high!

When drunk I lie, cry,
Wouldn’t deny a sense of loss I cannot define,
Right then my ego looks at me, fat and high…
High-five! 🙂

Right or left, forward-behind,
When breathlessness makes me sigh,
It all vanishes, the paranoia, the greyness,
My ego and I stare eye-to-eye.

He always shines like a star, I blink… Smile. Look far on, clear and long.
A mountain we moved, together, alone.

Jina, Sirf Tere Liye

A child and a hundred adults,
‘Helped’ yet leading the way,
Ignorant out of indifference,
For there are a plethora of milieus,
Acceptance and acknowledgment of only what is directly hers.

“Because I choose not to know it, I worry not, to show it.”

The menials surround,
Her faith at the center,
Compassion filled, she draws out,
“Will you hold my hand?”
I wonder if I asked for it.
Damn sure I sought it.

Such is she.
Jina. My friend.