Monthly Archives: September 2013


Taking inspiration from InkBlood Writers Weekend, I started to write but… drifted away very naturally! :/ But here’s what I came up with anyway…

Write with INK
Draw with INK
Paint with INK
Stain with INK
Dye with INK

Not, die, with INK

Talk within
And talk with INK
Maybe even take a walk within
Walk with INK
Take a leap with INK

Right with INK
Wrong with INK
Who decides, but the INK!

Hell yeah, INK,
Hail! You, INK!




Butterfly: bright colors; love; nature; air;

Hold my hand, friend, I tend to get carried away,

The lightness in my head, in my soul, phew! (smiles)

But I haven’t molted yet, or have I? (frowns)

I’m scared this beauty is not mine, I’m scared I might have pain to bear.

Hue and cry, yes, dramatized, but that’s why I am a butterfly.

I spread joy, unsure within, superficial it all is, or maybe not!

Hold my hand, friend, comfort me, tell me, it will all be fine.

Please tell me it will all be fine.

Warmth! (sleeps)