Butterfly: bright colors; love; nature; air;

Hold my hand, friend, I tend to get carried away,

The lightness in my head, in my soul, phew! (smiles)

But I haven’t molted yet, or have I? (frowns)

I’m scared this beauty is not mine, I’m scared I might have pain to bear.

Hue and cry, yes, dramatized, but that’s why I am a butterfly.

I spread joy, unsure within, superficial it all is, or maybe not!

Hold my hand, friend, comfort me, tell me, it will all be fine.

Please tell me it will all be fine.

Warmth! (sleeps)


About MindLicker

I am a Mind Licker, and I write What The Mind Licks. Loud in decibels. Lost in deciphers. Love, laughter, life are my turn-ons. And I talk about sex way too openly for my conservative up-bringing. If you'd like to read what I write/ see What My Mind Licks, pls do visit: https://mindlicker.wordpress.com/ Do let me know what you think. I might lick... I mean like that too. Happy Reading! :)

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