I could have had you then, but that just didn’t feel right. You tickled my nerves, but the beast needed more might.

You caught me off guard, and alarmed, panic-stricken-self needed to be calmed.

They say “daddy issues”, I say STFU.

Stroke my face the next time, before you move down. I will love you till eternity, till the break of dawn.

Of that I promise you, my love knows no bounds, but start slow and then go, pound. I will love you till eternity, till the break of dawn.

No, don’t say “daddy issues”. One can always choose. You don’t. I can. But, don’t. Wham!

Those bleeding veins you see, are all superficial. Believe you me, they are meant to heal. I’m not a troubled child that I’m reckoned to be. Blame the mascara that trickles, don’t fear me.

No, don’t leave now, love, don’t get lost in the night. Keep breathing. Sigh! Deep & shallow, deep & shallow, deep & shallow…


About MindLicker

I am a Mind Licker, and I write What The Mind Licks. Loud in decibels. Lost in deciphers. Love, laughter, life are my turn-ons. And I talk about sex way too openly for my conservative up-bringing. If you'd like to read what I write/ see What My Mind Licks, pls do visit: Do let me know what you think. I might lick... I mean like that too. Happy Reading! :)

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