I could have had you then, but that just didn’t feel right. You tickled my nerves, but the beast needed more might.

You caught me off guard, and alarmed, panic-stricken-self needed to be calmed.

They say “daddy issues”, I say STFU.

Stroke my face the next time, before you move down. I will love you till eternity, till the break of dawn.

Of that I promise you, my love knows no bounds, but start slow and then go, pound. I will love you till eternity, till the break of dawn.

No, don’t say “daddy issues”. One can always choose. You don’t. I can. But, don’t. Wham!

Those bleeding veins you see, are all superficial. Believe you me, they are meant to heal. I’m not a troubled child that I’m reckoned to be. Blame the mascara that trickles, don’t fear me.

No, don’t leave now, love, don’t get lost in the night. Keep breathing. Sigh! Deep & shallow, deep & shallow, deep & shallow…


“Be a better cl…

“Be a better clown for me.” He laughed. She smiled. He left. She cried. He played it right.


Seal my thoughts with a single lick on the envelope

Smell my breath as you uncloak my feelings

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Flickering, that candlelight awaits

Cast a shadow of your pen on paper

or let the blood turn to vapour & soot

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Let that decide who’s the bearer-uncouth

The loss of the unborn is not mine alone to bear

The few pounds and decimals, unaware

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Hold it close to you, for whom you couldn’t hold at all!

Hold on!


The story of ‘You & I’

Shifting between the study table and bed, the hands move an inch each time, the ticktock seems unbearable. I pick up the phone to dial and reach outward in hope, but I hear beep, beep, beep. It’s all disconnected.

The kettle boils for long, the whistle is too loud. Shocks every living cell. And then I fall into slumber as the shock settles down.

Same is the routine every night.

And deep inside is a reflection of this chaos.

As the pages turn, the dates change, I can see the transition in my watch. Every night misery ceases to be a mystery I would like to solve.

With time, the line breaks into a curve. Acceptance takes over. I begin to enjoy the solitude and then the unthinkable happens…

The “disconnected” phone rings…

I pick up the phone, cut the call and cause my favorite sound to resound in the caller’s ear… Beep, beep, beep!

I don’t need you anymore.

The joy spread to every contracted muscle, happy hormones making me cry. Not much has changed yet so much with time.



नैन तुम्हारा मुख न देख पाएं
रोयें जो रोने दो उन्हें।
दिल तुम्हारा प्यार न पा पाएं
रोये जो रोने दो उसे।


Mingling shadows
Taking forms
Following unasked
On the path forlorn
No smile, no frown
No rhythm, no song
A hymn of silence
We hum along

Rapunzel’s Twin

Knotted plaits, simple dreams

“Trouble! Trouble!”, that’s how it weaves…

A knight at night, would you believe?

From a pumpkin carriage, distress leaves

A girl inside and her flushed cheeks


Smile stuck and love-struck

Caught between lowered shields

Beauty fiddles with the beast

Sweat and screams fill the fields

Knotted plaits, simple dreams


एक लहर आंधी सी एक छोटे से पल में बह गयी,
तेरी नमी भरी आँखों में ख़ुशी दबी दबी रह गयी,
पिघलता हुआ ज्वाला बर्फ में बदल गया
दस्तक देनेवाला पलट के घर निकल गया
खाली कर उस आँचल को जिसमे तूने इतने ग़म भर दिए,
ऐसा कुछ न हुआ की तूने अपने सपने ही बदल दिए,
भोज लिए घूमे फिरती है उसे अपनी ज़िन्दगी बनाके
बह जाने दे आज, आंसू बह जाने दे,
लुट जाने दे आज, खुद को लुट जाने दे।

True love

Light that match
Stare till I burn
Twitch my finger
And let the stick fall down
Watch it die out
Savor the moment
Look up and light another one

Moving on with every pain you cause
Hope! Still a bitch!


He bought me grief,
Yes, he paid for it.