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(Let me sneak into bed with you, and you put your arm around my waist, and let my back be facing you. Stroke your finger on my back. Yes, in circles.)
Breathe, my love,
and continue breathing
in rhythms matching mine
like a sweet song,
like the song of life;
and in that wholeness

Surrender to the journey of the night,
the small lights of the stars,
the darkness behind,
and float away
into sweet slumber.

Slumber full of dreams
of life,
of love lost and won,
of you and me together,
together as one.



Love them like there’s no other… Love them like there’ll be no one.

Catch them before they’re scorned… Hold them like there’ll never be no one. Stand, with entangled arms, looking into the sky enchanting, and the desert unforeseen.

(Bring your love onto me, boy!

My boy, oh boy! Is my dearest one. Hold on to that thought while I validate it… Again.

Bring your love onto me, boy! Bring your love onto me. I wanna say you’re the one, boy. You’re the one.)

-A mother’s wish for her son

“Be a better cl…

“Be a better clown for me.” He laughed. She smiled. He left. She cried. He played it right.


Seal my thoughts with a single lick on the envelope

Smell my breath as you uncloak my feelings

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Flickering, that candlelight awaits

Cast a shadow of your pen on paper

or let the blood turn to vapour & soot

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Let that decide who’s the bearer-uncouth

The loss of the unborn is not mine alone to bear

The few pounds and decimals, unaware

Hold it close to you, feel the weight on your chest

Hold it close to you, for whom you couldn’t hold at all!

Hold on!



नैन तुम्हारा मुख न देख पाएं
रोयें जो रोने दो उन्हें।
दिल तुम्हारा प्यार न पा पाएं
रोये जो रोने दो उसे।

True love

Light that match
Stare till I burn
Twitch my finger
And let the stick fall down
Watch it die out
Savor the moment
Look up and light another one

Moving on with every pain you cause
Hope! Still a bitch!


He bought me grief,
Yes, he paid for it.

Jina, Sirf Tere Liye

A child and a hundred adults,
‘Helped’ yet leading the way,
Ignorant out of indifference,
For there are a plethora of milieus,
Acceptance and acknowledgment of only what is directly hers.

“Because I choose not to know it, I worry not, to show it.”

The menials surround,
Her faith at the center,
Compassion filled, she draws out,
“Will you hold my hand?”
I wonder if I asked for it.
Damn sure I sought it.

Such is she.
Jina. My friend.


He looked at her,

She felt them, the rain drops,

He smiled at her,

She felt it, the cold shudder.

He walked toward her,

It ripped her heart open.

“Will you undress me?” she said.


Slowly the scars were open,

Some wounds unhealed,

He laughed.


She knew it was HIM. All like HIM.

And for the many like her,

She pulled out the dagger,

“Not again, never again!”


She bathed scarlet that night,

Smiled, in years,

For years to come.

Yes, he laid me.

Aching heart; fear-filled,

Longing for even the bleakest comfort,

He gave his arm out. Solace, I thought.

A delusion.


He held my hand, moving an inch every hour,

I could call the hoax, no naivety here.

Yet, hope is a bitch!


So yes, he laid me.


He walked the street, whistling,

A beat in his gait.

Our eyes never met.

Lying under the sheets I thought,

“If never can I forgive myself for a deed that harmed, I will have you.

You will be my penance to all my wrongs.”