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This one has been dug from the archives. First piece I ever wrote which I kind-of liked. Have moved a long way, but it’s a good memory of writing. 🙂

Hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!


Nurtured with care, and all the love I could ever find,

But the womb became a barrier for my thoughts to get through.
I tried hard to come out and find myself, with myself, around myself.
I cried, i brawled, i kicked, i howled.
With that the womb moved too, but not as much as I wanted it to.
It was over-gestation!

The decision was made to finally let go! I was ecstatic!
I would be at peace. I would be with myself.
I would crawl, walk and run; live moments in lands not yet discovered.
At dawn, I started fighting to see the world and move into far-away stretches of snow!
I saw it, tried to touch it, tried to reach a momentum of a meteor.
Failing, I realized the bastards left the umbilical cord uncut!