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Love them like there’s no other… Love them like there’ll be no one.

Catch them before they’re scorned… Hold them like there’ll never be no one. Stand, with entangled arms, looking into the sky enchanting, and the desert unforeseen.

(Bring your love onto me, boy!

My boy, oh boy! Is my dearest one. Hold on to that thought while I validate it… Again.

Bring your love onto me, boy! Bring your love onto me. I wanna say you’re the one, boy. You’re the one.)

-A mother’s wish for her son



She drinks to forget the numbness she remembers in vain.



He looked at her,

She felt them, the rain drops,

He smiled at her,

She felt it, the cold shudder.

He walked toward her,

It ripped her heart open.

“Will you undress me?” she said.


Slowly the scars were open,

Some wounds unhealed,

He laughed.


She knew it was HIM. All like HIM.

And for the many like her,

She pulled out the dagger,

“Not again, never again!”


She bathed scarlet that night,

Smiled, in years,

For years to come.

Yes, he laid me.

Aching heart; fear-filled,

Longing for even the bleakest comfort,

He gave his arm out. Solace, I thought.

A delusion.


He held my hand, moving an inch every hour,

I could call the hoax, no naivety here.

Yet, hope is a bitch!


So yes, he laid me.


He walked the street, whistling,

A beat in his gait.

Our eyes never met.

Lying under the sheets I thought,

“If never can I forgive myself for a deed that harmed, I will have you.

You will be my penance to all my wrongs.”

Anger, I behold…

Anger, I behold thee.

Shivering; comfort I seek.

Thou hast only puzzled me.

Thy victory and thy defeat looketh the same.

“While I lay in…

“While I lay in the asylum, you quietly watch through the keyhole.

I can see you, I can feel you, yet I can’t touch you.

Wanna come closer? I wanna take a bite off you.”





I close my eyes, hold myself tight, I can smell you crawling to my bone, 

But you don’t scare me.

Your masquerade as my loved one.

Oh, “grim reaper”! – A fallacy, I fall for none…



Made me stronger, your need to pretend, it drives my hunger.

To vanquish you bit-by-bit… to punish you tat-for-tit…

You may scheme, to make me look rabid,

I laugh at your sterility.

Oh Mighty One. NOT.




Love, in my world

Inter-wound selves, you and me.

Interwoven moments, created WE.

Interpersonal lives encroached space,

heard ‘slow and steady wins the race’,

but interjections arose at every pace.


Intermittently, caught a pleasing smile, 

interspersed among the many whines.

Intermission at first, the end at last.

“Don’t wait for me,” she said.


Internally I cried and waited a while

And then I walked to the tenth mile and faded away.